On the spot

Directed "discovery"

  • Animals of the farm (horse, sheeps, donkey, hens, ducks, gooses, etc)
  • Of the kitchen garden and the flowers
  • 3 circuits of walk on the prodevotion - Discovery of the Ardèche vegetation
    • Green ~( 15min )
    • Blue(Bruise) ~( 30min )
    • Red (45min
  • Of the place nap with hammock by the river Jointine
  • Of the countryside Ardèche and of its typical and picturesque villages
  • Wild animals which we can see possibly (fox, duck, heron, bird of prey, roe deer, etc)

Directed " Playful And Sport "

  • Bathing in swimming pool (under the responsibility of the parents)
  • Mountain Bike at arrangement (under the responsibility of the users)
  • Table of ping-pong
  • Board game
  • Game of dart
  • Petanque field
  • Games of balon
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